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my nba 2k17 hack cheat for android - my nba 2k17 hack ios no survey - my nba 2k17 hack 2015my nba 2k17 hack v1.4I have both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of NBA 2K17. Can I move my Virtual Currency between these versions? How about between Xbox 360 and Xbox One?

No. Players’ Virtual Currency (VC) balances cannot be transferred between any version of NBA 2K17, including across console generations.
How do I practice moves?

There are several ways to practice moves in NBA 2K17. First, during the MyCAREER mode, you will have access to a practice gym in between games. Second, there are also the scrimmage/freeform modes between games which will allow you to practice and run scrimmages. Third, there are a variety of practice modes available via 2KU (mentioned above).
Why does my grade go down when a team member turns over the ball?

Something you did was tied to the ball being turned over. Sometimes the foul called is rather generic and doesn’t specify what caused it to occur, at which point you may need to reference the rules of basketball to better understand what happened.
What’s a good starting position for a new player?

If you’re a new to NBA 2K, think about what kind of player you want to be. If you want to score points, having your character play as either a Point Guard or Shooting Guard will probably suit your style. If you think you’d rather have a defensive player, go with Small Forward, Power Forward, or Center.
How do I skip cutscenes?

In order to skip a cutscene, you have to have watched it with your current profile. After you’ve watched it with that profile, you can skip a cutscene by pressing X (on your PlayStation controller) or A (on your Xbox controller). You’ll receive a message asking if you want to skip the scene, but will be able to access them later on. If you haven’t played NBA 2K before, “My Career” is a game mode in which gamers can create their own character who goes through the entire process of an NBA career. From getting drafted, traded, selected to an All-Star team, if you can imagine it, 2K tries to make it possible.

In their latest game, seeing that Kobe already graces the cover, it was only right to have him star in the introduction to “My Career” mode.

Showing clips of the Black Mamba’s worst moments — shooting multiple air balls in a row against the Utah Jazz his rookie year — and some of his best moments — winning the dunk contest, his famous lob to Shaq against the Portland Trailblazers and more.

However, my favorite was when he hugged D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle during his last game.

When asked what part of the game he’s going to miss the most, Kobe was honest with his answer.

All of it, honestly. The good, the bad. The wins, the losses. It’s a lot like boxing, man. It’s really about the opponent within yourself. That’s the most important, right?

You win that battle, then you win the rest of them.
After introducing the “My Career” mode Kobe walks off with Jordan and jokes that the gamers better not have a better career than his.

“What happens if they do?”

“I’m going to have to lace these things back up.”
Even in retirement, always the competitor. Got to love it.NBA 2K17 has just been released and everyone loves the improvements made in the latest instalment of the NBA 2K series. New features have been added to enhance the gaming experience of players.

However, some features that can be used to improve the performance of the characters are quite expensive. Those who want to get ahead of others and want to build MyPlayer in NBA 2K17 in a fast way will have to spend more than 100 dollars to get the necessary upgrades.

The good news is, players can now build their characters without spending much. Gamers only need to follow the right formulas below to have best performing characters.

Focus in your areas of expertise

Players have the freedom to choose a position and an archetype when creating their MyPlayer. Sticking to the skills chosen is important in making characters shine. Gamers should focus on the areas of expertise of the characters to improve it even more and make them stand out. Larger bonuses are waiting for those who will follow this advice.

Upgrade regularly

Upgrading regularly does not mean players have to spend all virtual currencies in one blow. Setting a schedule when to buy upgrades will help and spend currencies wisely.


NBA 2K17 players can improve the skills of characters by allowing them to attend practices. The drills might become repetitive but it will help shape MyPlayer. Plus rewards are also waiting which is the best part of it.

my nba 2k17 hack cheat for android – my nba 2k17 hack ios no survey – my nba 2k17 hack 2015

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1. Download and run exe file
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